Core Certification (Self-paced) (ACS-CORE-SP)

Welcome to AccountingSuite™ Core Certification. Once you have enrolled you may start the course by clicking the content links below to take the course. NOTE: This is the self-paced certification and does not include a live class nor does it award CPE credits.

Lessons must be completed in order.  Once you are done with a lesson, click the Complete button at the bottom to record progress and move to the next lesson.  The last lesson is the examination.    A score of 80% or above passes and certification will be awarded.
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  • 1. Prework
  • Working With The Dashboard
  • Setting Up AccountingSuite™
  • AccountingSuite™ Basics
  • Working With The Test Company
  • 2. Class Training (Prerecorded)
  • AccountingSuite™ Workflow
  • AccountingSuite™ Cloud Banking
  • Creating Invoices and Bills in AccountingSuite™
  • AccountingSuite™ Accounting
  • AccountingSuite™ Reporting
  • Take the Quiz
  • Certification Quiz
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Setting Up AccountingSuite™, AccountingSuite™ Basics, Working With The Test Company, Working With The Dashboard, AccountingSuite™ Workflow, AccountingSuite™ Cloud Banking, Creating Invoices and Bills in AccountingSuite™, AccountingSuite™ Accounting, AccountingSuite™ Reporting, Certification Quiz"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 3 years